Mural at Christ the King

Painting St. Francis of Assisi was the most humbling project I have ever done.  
How do you paint a SAINT?!! I did a lot of research on the saint’s life. 
When I discovered that he was the first to show evidence of stigmata, 
I was sure I wanted to show the wounds in a subtle way on his hands. 
Instead of a halo, his face is bathed in holy light from above.  
I included a dove as the symbol of the Holy Ghost.  
The animals are all attracted to the holiness of St. Francis and 
they are coming from far and wide to this secret place in this forest chapel. 
The legend is that St. Francis tamed a wolf that was terrorizing his village. 
I gave this wolf a prominent spot in the foreground. 
All during the planning and execution of this piece, I asked St. Francis for his help
…and I can truthfully say that I felt his guidance because each segment of the painting went so smoothly.  
I must thank Mrs.William Koelsch and Mrs. Jean Koelsch for this commission. 
It is a memorial for William Koelsch and will be permanently on loan to Christ the King School in Haddonfield, New Jersey. 
In her way, Jean Koelsch has given me the opportunity to “Let me be a channel of His peace”

St. Francis in the Wood 60' x 96' Acrylic on Canvas (I photographed this in my driveway to show scale)


Details of the St. Francis Painting





Prayer of St. Francis by Celestial Lite Orchestra

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