Mural at Gracie's Ice Cream Shoppe

9-11 Kings Court, Haddonfield, New Jersey


Painting the mural at Gracie's was a lot of fun.

The inspiration for the Carousel Horse was the unusual circular wall. The owners, Nancy and Tony Maniscalco immediately saw a Carousel there. I convinced them to go for the maximum effect by putting in one life size carousel horse. I modeled it after a PTC (Philadelphia Toboggan Company) Stander.It has the strength and gracefulness I wanted to convey.

The banner and mirrored section simulate the rounding boards found on the old carousels.

The park scene is set in the Victorian age. Nancy loved the look of the costumes and Tony wanted the Gazebo. I have recently added to the original mural a small boy flying a kite, children playing soccer, a little girl sailing a boat in the pond and several hot air balloons..stop in and see it.

JoAnne Castelli-Castor

Carousel Wall


Park Wall


Details of the Mural at Gracie's





In the Good Old Summertime


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